TendersOnline for Windows 10


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Access Northern Territory Government Quotations and Tenders using the Quotes and Tenders App.Keep up-to-date with new opportunities while you’re on the move.The all new Quotations and Tenders Online App allows users to view and track government quotes and tenders. It also allows you to receive alerts and notifications based on your preferences and view your business information. The full website version on the other hand, allows users to not only view and track, but also to lodge tenders for government work as well as record and store your business information. You can visit the full site at www.nt.gov.au/tenders FEATURES· View current and future quotations and tenders for Tier 3 and above, issued by the Northern Territory Government· Receive alerts based on your preferences· Manage your business information for use in the Northern Territory Government’s Quotations and Tenders Online· Stay up-to-date with the latest quotations and tenders information issued by Government.

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